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Amaranth is the generic name of the species that belong to the family group of the amaranth .The etymology of the concept comes from a Greek word which alludes to what never withers . This genus refers to plants that have a stem of considerable thickness, with oblong-type leaves and flowers that, according to the variety, can have different colors.The height of the amarantos, native to India, can exceed one and a half meters. Amaranth is characterized by its resistance .It can grow in humid regions where there is a lot of rainfall, but also in dry areas.Because of its food uses, it is a plant cultivated throughout the world . Thousands of years ago, the pre-Columbian cultures of the Americas already used amaranth in various gastronomic preparations , as one of the most important products of their food, at the same level of beans and corn, largely thanks to its rich protein content.With amaranth grains flour was made to make tortillas and breads.They were also used as
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Learning process definition

The educational process covers various actions that tend to the transmission of knowledge and values ​​ .There are people who teach and others who receive these teachings, learning from same. It can be said, therefore, that in the educational process the teaching process and the learning process are distinguished.The latter covers everything related to the reception and assimilation of the knowledge transmitted. The learning process is individual, although it is carried out in a specific social environment.For the development of this process , the individual sets in motion cognitive mechanisms that allow you to internalize the new information that is being offered and thus turn it into useful knowledge. This means that each person will develop a process of different learning according to their cognitive ability.This does not imply that the possibility of learning is already determined at birth: from physical issues such as food to psychological issues such as
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A resource is a medium of any kind that allows to achieve what is intended.A material , on the other hand, is something belonging or relative to the matter (it is opposed, therefore, to the spiritual). The material resources , in short, are the physical and concrete means that help achieve some goal .The concept is common in the field of business and governments . For example: "We have great professionals in this hospital, but we lack material resources" , "The company has made a great investment to renew the material resources" , "When material resources are scarce, we must sharpen ingenuity and redouble our efforts" . In the daily activity of a company, you can distinguish between different types of resources, such as raw materials, facilities, machinery and land.Thanks to these tangible goods, it is possible to manufacture the products or develop the necessary infrastructure to provide their services, depending on their activity. T
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Definition of aromatherapy - What it is, Meaning and Concept

The concept of aromatherapy is formed by two terms: aroma (the chemical compounds that include odorifera particles in its formula) and therapy ( the area of ​​medicine focused on how different health disorders are treated). Aromatherapy is the medical use of essences or essential oils : the fluid present in certain plants that are characterized by their penetrating odor.This is a technique that is usually included in the alternative medicine (that is, it does not find sustenance in the medical-scientific community traditional). The origins of aromatherapy are remote since several ancient peoples resorted to aromas to treat diseases and various discomforts.Baths with essential oils and the spread of sahumerians were some of the first manifestations of aromatherapy. Due to the high concentration of essential oils, aromatherapy usually dilutes them in other substances to avoid irritation or burns.However, it is important to note that Most essential oils are not inges

Definition of nihilism - What it is, Meaning and Concept

Nihilismo is a term that comes from the Latin nihil , which means "nothing" .It is the denial of everything religious, social and political principle .The term was popularized by the novelist Ivan Turgenev and by the philosopher Friedrich Heinrich Jacobi .Over time, it was used as mockery of the most radical generations and to characterize those who lack moral sensitivity. Specifically, we can establish that the aforementioned Turgenev was the first to use the term that concerns us now, specifically I use it in his novel "Parents and children", in which he came to make clear that a follower of nihilism is that person who is clear that he cannot and does not want to submit to anyone, to any kind of power, doctrine or authority. However, it should not be overlooked that throughout history many others are the thinkers and artists who have opted to pour their opinions about the aforementioned nihilism.This would be the case, for example, of the German philo

Definition of active subject - What is it, Meaning and Concept

The concept of subject can be used in different ways.It can be a person who, in a given context, has no identification or denomination.Subject is also a category of philosophical type and a grammatical function. Asset , meanwhile, is an adjective that can refer to that or that which acts.As a noun, the notion of asset is used to name assets that are owned by a person or an entity. With these issues clear, we can move forward with the concept of active subject .This expression is used to name who has the legal right of to demand the fulfillment of a certain obligation to another person . In this sense, we can distinguish between the active subject and the taxable person within the framework of a legal relationship.Both subjects, therefore, are the parts of that link.The active subject is the party that has the legitimacy to demand that the other party comply with the obligation contracted.This obligated party, in this way, is the taxpayer. Suppose two people si

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A report is a report or a news .This type of document (which can be printed, digital, audiovisual, etc.) intends to transmit information , although it may have different objectives.There are informative, persuasive and other types of reports. The report may be the conclusion of a previous research or adopt a problem-solution structure based on a series of questions.In the case of printed reports, the text is usually accompanied by graphs, diagrams, tables of contents and footnotes of page. In the field of informatics , the reports are reports that organize and display the information contained in a database .Its function is to apply a specific format to the data to show them through an attractive design that is easy for users to interpret. The report, in this way, confers greater utility to the data.It is not the same to work with a spreadsheet calculations with 10,000 fields that with a cake-shaped drawing that presents these fields graphically.Reports have varying

Meaning of the Bible (What is it, Concept and Definition)

What is the Bible: The Bible is a collection or compilation of sacred books, which contains the stories, doctrines, codes and traditions that guide Christians, based on Jewish tradition (Old Testament) and the announcement of the Gospel (New Testament). Bible is a term from the Greek word βιβλίον ( biblion ), which means scroll, papyrus or book , and from the Greek expression τὰ βιβλία τὰ ἅγια ( ta bible ta hagia ), which means holy books . It was written by about 40 men in an approximate period of 1600 years.The first book of the Bible is Genesis.It was written around 1445 BC.The last book is Revelation, written around 90-96 AD.It was written in Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek. The Holy Bible ( Holy Bible in Latin) is the best-selling book of all time.It has been translated into more than 2,500 idi omas, and is available in different versions according to traditions and translations.Currently it is also available in digital format. In figurative sense , the term is also

Definition of naphtha - What is it, Meaning and Concept

An Acadian language word came to Greek as naphtha , which in turn derived in the Latin naphtha .To our language the concept arrived as nafta . The first meaning mentioned by the Spanish Royal Academy ( RAE ) refers to a fraction of the oil that is obtained from the gasoline distillation .Naphtha, in this sense, is used as a solvent or in the petrochemical industry. Beyond this meaning, in several countries naphtha is used directly as synonymous of gasoline .Naphtha, in this framework, is a hydrocarbon mixture generated by distilling crude oil and then subjecting the resulting substance to a chemical treatment. The most common use of gasoline or gasoline is as fuel in the internal combustion engines , used by most of the cars .One of the most relevant characteristics of gasoline is the octane index or octane , which refers to the temperature and pressure to which the fuel combined with air can be subjected before self-detonation. It is important to mention
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Ape concept - Definition

The word ape, comes in its etymology of the Greek "simos", which happened to Latin as "simus" with the meaning of flat, is applied to monkeys by the flattened shape of his nose. In the tertiary era, some fourteen million years ago, more precisely in the Middle Mycenae, primates or apes evolved in two directions.From one of them arose anthropoid monkeys, apes, similar to humans; and on the other the hominids, ancestors of today's humanity. Apes are many primates, relatives of human beings, all with opposable fingers.The thumb bends over the palm of the hand, being able to grab objects.Among the apes we can quote: Chimpanzees, cunning, naughty, greet each other with their hands, and make facial gestures demonstrating feelings; although they are dangerous and hunters, what they do in solidarity, strategic and cooperative groups.They are capable of manufacturing tools and rudimentary weapons.Genetically chimpance and human being are genetically equal in 96%
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