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We would like to inform you that we are again coming with a planned next issues in major fields like Science Education; Science (Chemistry, Physics, and Biology); Education Technology; Model, Methods, and Strategies of Learning; and Environmental Science. Hence we encourage you to publish your article in Volume 8 Issue 1 January 2022.

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Current Issue

Vol. 7 No. 4 (2021): In Press
Published: 2021-09-16

Articles "Regular Issue"

  • The Improvement of Student’s Critical Thinking Skills Through the Development of Science Learning Material Based Socioscientific Issues with Interactive Multimedia-Assisted on Gadget

    Ayu Ilfiana, Wahono Widodo, Pirim Setiarso
  • The Need Analysis for E-Learning Based on Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) for High School Students

    Andika Febrian, Y Yennita, Zuhdi Ma’ruf
  • Cultivar Repair of Local Vigna Radiata L to Use Multigamma Irradiation Technique (Nuclear) That Tolerant to Dry Condition, Rainy Season, Germ, and High Production

    Bartholomeus Pasangka, Irvandi Gorby Pasangka, Zoran S. Ilic
  • Development of Discovery Learning-based E-modules Using PDF Flip Professional Software Integrated with the Website as An Alternative to Learning Physics During the Covid 19 Pandemic

    Wayan Sudarsana, Sarwanto Sarwanto, Ahmad Marzuki
  • Independence of Learning and Achievement of Learners' Cognitive Abilities in Thermochemical Materials through the Application of Flipped Classroom

    Ruhul Mukhlisa, Abdul Gani, Sri Winarni, Ibnu Khaldun, Latifah Hanum
  • Analysis of the Relationship of Multiple Intelligences and Learning Interests with Biology Learning Outcomes

    Kiki Mulyani, Ramadhan Sumarmin, Yuni Ahda, Heffi Alberida, Abdul Razak
  • Relationship between Learning Motivation and Biology Learning Outcomes

    Nurul Aulia Rahmi, Ramadhan Sumarmin, Yuni Ahda, Heffi Alberida, Abdul Razak
  • Application of Discovery Learning Model in Increasing Student Interest and Learning Outcomes

    Rosnidar Rosnidar, Yusrizal Yusrizal, Mustafa Mustafa, Susanna Susanna
  • Performance of Asphalt Mixture with Asbuton Based on Marshall Characteristics Compacted at Hot and Cold Temperatures

    I Dewa Made Alit Karyawan, Ratna Yuniarti, Desi Widianty, Hasyim Hasyim, Mudji Wahyudi
  • The Effect of Biology Online Learning Based on Edmodo Group WhatsApp on Learning Outcomes Based on the Learning Motivation of Students

    Eldyana Rahayu Putri, Moralita Chatri, Syamsurizal Syamsurizal, Irdawati Irdawati
  • Use of Tracker Application on Kinetic Orbital Art (KOA) and Magic Gyroscope as Physics Learning Media

    Desi Ramadhanti, Heru Kuswanto, Hestiana Hestiana, Sabila Yasaroh, Aisha Azalia
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  • Group Dynamics and Student Self-Efficacy in Online Science Learning during the COVID-19 Pandemic

    Linda Kusumawati, Ari Widodo, Diana Rochintaniawati
  • Application of Contextual Teaching and Learning (CTL) Learning Strategies on Metacognitive Ability and Leaarning Outcomes in Immune System Materials

    Maulinda Yani, Safrida Safrida, Muhibuddin Muhibuddin
  • Implementation of Guided Inquiry Strategy Combined with Scientific Student Worksheets on the Structure and Function of Plant Tissues to Improve Learning Outcomes

    Siti Zuhra, Muhibbuddin Muhibbuddin, Hafnati Rahmatan
  • The Effectiveness of Using Student Worksheets in Science Learning on Student Learning Outcomes

    Fajriani Chutami, Suhartini Suhartini
  • Analysis of the Impact of Coulomb Stress Changes of Tehoru Earthquake, Central Maluku Regency, Maluku Province

    Matheus Souisa, Sisca Madonna Sapulete
  • Analysis of the Need for Android Based Mobile Learning Development to Improve Student Science Literations

    Ulia Anisatur Rosidah, Putut Marwoto, Bambang Subali
  • The Effect of Using the Student Academic Ability- Problem Solving and 5E Cycle Learning Models on the Student Learning Outcomes

    Yayat Mutia Ardi, Vauzia Vauzia, Abdul Razak, Syamsurizal Syamsurizal
  • Application of the Guided Inquiry Model to Improve Science Process Skills High School Students

    Ade Rahayu Fadhilla, Muhibbuddin Muhibbuddin, Muhammad Syukri
  • Profile of Problem-based Learning (PBL) Model Assisted by PhET to Improve Critical Thinking Skills of High School Students in Dynamic Electrical Materials

    Nabila Rahmadita, Husni Mubarok, Binar Kurnia Prahani
  • The Relationship between Multiple Intelligences and Biology Learning Outcomes of Student

    Rika Andima, Ramadhan Sumarmin, Yuni Ahda, Heffi Alberida, Abdul Razak
  • Effectiveness of Mechanical Wave Learning Material Based on ICT Integrated CTL to Improve Students Learning Outcomes

    Asrizal Asrizal, Auvi Winandri Utami
  • Application of the Guided Inquiry Model to Improve Student's Motivation and Creativity

    Rahma Dani, Murniati Murniati, Evendi Evendi
  • Application of Self Directed Learning Model to Improve Student's Independence and Critical Thinking Skills

    Wasyilah Wasyilah, Yusrizal Yusrizal, Suhrawardi Ilyas
  • A Case Study: Technological Pedagogical and Content Knowledge (TPACK) of Pre-service Physics Teacher to Enhance the 4C’s Skills During Online Learning

    Yohanes Edi Gunanto, Lidya Anna Supriyadi
  • Effect of Feed Combination of Avocado (Persea americana M.) and Pumpkin Seed (Cucurbita moschata Duch.) on Villi Height and Goblet Cell Number of Goblet Fish (Osphronemus gourami Lac.)

    Halimatussakdiah Halimatussakdiah, Safrida Safrida, Muhibbuddin Muhibbuddin
  • The Development of Learning Tools in Project-Based Learning Oriented Creative Thinking

    Nursamsu Nursamsu, Rachmatsyah Rachmatsyah
  • Research Trend of Socio Scientific Issues (SSI) in Physics Learning Through Bibliometric Analysis in 2011-2020 using Scopus Database and the Contribution of Indonesia

    Utama Alan Deta, Arika Arika, Dhila Linggar Lentika, Sayyidah Annimatus Sa’diyah Al Lathifah, Suliyanah Suliyanah, Setyo Admoko, Nadi Suprapto
  • The Use of Practical Video Demonstration for Class VII Photosynthetic Materials to Stimulate Basic Science Process Skills

    Donny Auliya Arrohman, Normalia Sandy Palumpun, Jumadi Jumadi, Zuhdan Kun Prasetyo
  • The Study of Worksheets Based on Creative Problem Solving for Biology Subjects

    Baiq Fatmawati, Muhammad Khairul Wazni, Novita Husnawati
  • Development of Discovery Learning Student Worksheets to Improve Students' Critical Thinking Skills in Chemical Balance Materials

    Ainur Rizki, Ibnu Khaldun, Andi Ulfa Tenri Pada
  • Inventory of Orchid Species and Abiotic Factors in Singkil Swamp Wildlife Sanctuary

    Rahmiati Rahmiati, Djufri Djufri, Supriatno Supriatno
  • Application of Project-Based Learning Through a STEM Approach to Improve Learning Outcomes During a Pandemic

    Yoana Nurul Asri, Desta Sulaesih Mursyidah, Vini Rizqi
  • The Development of E-Student Worksheet on Environmental Pollution to Improve Critical Thinking Skills of Junior High School Students

    Sri Wahyuni, Lum’atul Khoirot Rizki, Aris Singgih Budiarso, Pramudya Dwi Aristya Putra, Erlia Narulita
  • Science Student Teachers’ Independence as New Adaptation of Distance in Basic Biology Practicums

    Parmin Parmin, Erna Noor Savitri, Endah Fitriani Rahayu
  • The Effect of Microhabitat Diversity on the Similarity of Soil Insect Types at Lombok Island, Indonesia

    Immy Suci Rohyani
  • Picture and Picture Learning Based on Recitation Module for Student Retention

    Mukarramah Mukarramah, Muhibbuddin Muhibbuddin, Hasanuddin Hasanuddin
  • Implementation of STEM-Based Experiential Learning to Improve Critical Thinking Skills on Ecosystem Materials

    Khairati Khairati, Wiwit Artika, Muhammad Ali Sarong, Abdullah Abdullah, Hasanuddin Hasanuddin
  • Development of E-learning Module based on Multiple Representation Integrated with GeoGebra

    Rizki Hananan Sari, A. Halim, Yusrizal Yusrizal
  • Development of Four Tier Multiple Choice Diagnostic Tests to Know Students' Misconceptions in Science Learning

    Juliani Juliani, Yusrizal Yusrizal, Ismul Huda
  • The Effectiveness of Guided Inquiry-Based on Nuclear Physics Learning Devices with PhET Media to Increase Student Creativity

    Susilawati Susilawati, Aris Doyan, Syahrial Ayub, Wahyudi Wahyudi, Jannatin Ardu’ha, Lalu Mulyadi
  • Improvement of Learning Outcomes, Motivation, and Achievement of Students' Social Skills by Applying Student Teams Achievement Division Cooperative Learning Model through PhET Simulation Media

    Wirdatul Jannah, Evendi Evendi, Safrida Safrida, Suhrawardi Ilyas, Muhammad Syukri
  • Development of Augmented Reality Flashcard Media to Improve the Ability of Grade IV Elementary School Students in Reading Understanding of Alternative Energy Source Materials

    Novi Listiyani, Sholeh Hidayat, Lukman Nulhakim
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