W,B,Slim,for,/bon52142.html,Ultra,winnipegtimemachine.com,–,Tit,UV-Haze,+,Protection,Electronics , Camera Photo,Filter,$64,Camera,Lens W,B,Slim,for,/bon52142.html,Ultra,winnipegtimemachine.com,–,Tit,UV-Haze,+,Protection,Electronics , Camera Photo,Filter,$64,Camera,Lens B + W UV-Haze Protection Filter for Ultra Lens Camera Denver Mall Slim Tit – $64 B + W UV-Haze Protection Filter for Camera Lens – Ultra Slim Tit Electronics Camera Photo $64 B + W UV-Haze Protection Filter for Camera Lens – Ultra Slim Tit Electronics Camera Photo B + W UV-Haze Protection Filter for Ultra Lens Camera Denver Mall Slim Tit –

B + W UV-Haze Protection Filter for Ultra Lens Camera Denver Mall Slim New arrival Tit –

B + W UV-Haze Protection Filter for Camera Lens – Ultra Slim Tit


B + W UV-Haze Protection Filter for Camera Lens – Ultra Slim Tit

Product description

Slim, light, precise The new T-PRO filter line has succeeded in adjusting the design to the ever compact camera equipment and to make the profile even narrower. The titanium-coloured finish gives the new filter line a special touch and is ideal for all focal lengths including wide-angle and telephoto lenses. The special functional paint facilitates the insertion and removal of the filter with its sliding properties. The basic material of the filter holder is, as usual with B+W, made of sturdy brass. The production is carried out at the highest level with minimal tolerances. The filter is ideal as a mechanical protection and can thus be used for avoid damage to the expensive front lens. The UV Haze filter offers a basic reduction of annoying UV proportions and can reduce the resulting blue tint.

Product description

Slim, light, precise The new T-PRO filter line has succeeded in adjusting the design to the ever compact camera equipment and to make the profile even narrower. The titanium-coloured finish gives the new filter line a special touch and is ideal for all focal lengths including wide-angle and telephoto lenses. The special functional paint facilitates the insertion and removal of the filter with its sliding properties. The basic material of the filter holder is, as usual with B+W, made of sturdy brass. The production is carried out at the highest level with minimal tolerances. The filter is ideal as a mechanical protection and can thus be used for avoid damage to the expensive front lens. The UV Haze filter offers a basic reduction of annoying UV proportions and can reduce the resulting blue tint.

B + W UV-Haze Protection Filter for Camera Lens – Ultra Slim Tit


Shri Bhaskar Sarma, IAS

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font-weight: 14.8" 31.1"----Shoulder:43.5cm get:1 img Type:Print

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