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LEON 950 Brand Finally resale start new Leather Slip-on Womens Shoes Mule Clogs Ladies Slippers

LEON 950 Leather Slip-on Womens Ladies Mule Clogs Slippers Shoes


LEON 950 Leather Slip-on Womens Ladies Mule Clogs Slippers Shoes

Product description

LEON 950 Clogs for Women

Genuine leather uppers
Leather inner parts
Soft gel leather insole
Adjustable buckle
Synthetic sole
Anti slip
Anti shock
All-day comfort
Recommended: All-day use at home, at work or outdoor
Heel height: 3.5 cm

Inner Sole Length:
UK 3.5 / EU 36 / US 5/5.5 - 24.0 cm
UK 4.0 / EU 37 / US 6/6.5 - 24.5 cm
UK 5.0 / EU 38 / US 7/7.5 - 25.0 cm
UK 5.5 / EU 39 / US 8/8.5 - 26.0 cm
UK 6.5 / EU 40 / US 9/9.5 - 26.5 cm
UK 7.5 / EU 41 / US 10/10.5 - 27.0 cm

Please note, that the base size is the EU size, the US size is a conversion, so it can be half size bigger or smaller.

LEON 950 Leather Slip-on Womens Ladies Mule Clogs Slippers Shoes

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