Aftermath of the 1919 Winnipeg General Strike The Robson Report By George Siamandas

The Robson report was established to look into the origins of the strike and to find solutions to the grievances of the strikers.

Highlights from the Robson report

The strikers had faced very difficult conditions in the years preceding 1919.  James Winning head of the Trades and Labour Council testified

The. Voice the newspaper of the strike preached elimination of profit system and espoused Bolshevik ideas add it was thought this worked up the unions.

As is true today, 100 years later, a major finding of the Robson report was that the strike was in part due to an increasing awareness of income inequality.

The report noted that there was a strongly held need to provide social and medical services as a matter of right not as a charity

The report acknowledged that workers had the right to organize.

 The commission recommended that a joint industrial council would help avoid future difficulties by addressing issues of concern to labour. 

Commissioner Robson

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