Tableau Forensic USB 3.0 Bridge Selling and selling Bundle Rugged with TK8U SiForce $325 Tableau Forensic USB 3.0 Bridge TK8U SiForce Bundle with Rugged Electronics Computers Accessories with,$325,Rugged,Bridge,3.0,,TK8U,USB,Bundle,Tableau,Electronics , Computers Accessories,/metavanadic591645.html,SiForce,Forensic $325 Tableau Forensic USB 3.0 Bridge TK8U SiForce Bundle with Rugged Electronics Computers Accessories Tableau Forensic USB 3.0 Bridge Selling and selling Bundle Rugged with TK8U SiForce with,$325,Rugged,Bridge,3.0,,TK8U,USB,Bundle,Tableau,Electronics , Computers Accessories,/metavanadic591645.html,SiForce,Forensic

Tableau Forensic USB NEW 3.0 Bridge Selling and selling Bundle Rugged with TK8U SiForce

Tableau Forensic USB 3.0 Bridge TK8U SiForce Bundle with Rugged


Tableau Forensic USB 3.0 Bridge TK8U SiForce Bundle with Rugged

Product Description

tableau tk8u





Tableau Forensic USB 3.0 Bridge, Tableau T8u

Tableau TK8U +

  • T8u Forensic USB 3.0 Bridge
  • TP2 Power Supply + Line Cord
  • TC-USB3 USB 3.0 A to B cable
  • T8u QuickStart Guide
  • SiForce Transport Case
Connectors: Host (Left) Side USB 3.0 One USB 3.0 Standard-B connector
Connectors: Device (Right) Side USB 3.0 One USB 3.0 Standard-A connector
Connectors: Top Side DC Input One 5-pin Mini-DIN connector for the Tableau TP2 power supply, and one bayonet connector for the Tableau TP5 power supply
Switches DIP Switch The 4-position DIP switch configures user-selectable options that are not required for normal operation. See the T8u Quick Reference Guide for more information
Compatibility USB Device USB 3.0 and older devices that conform to the USB Mass Storage class specification and support the Bulk Only Interface Protocol
Host OS Microsoft Windows version 7, 8, 10, Macintosh OS X Most modern Linux distributions (Note: Linux distributions have varying levels and quality of support for USB 3.0)
Power 12 watts typical operating (not including USB device)
Supply Voltage (DC IN) +5V @ 0.3A (max), +12V @ 0.3A (max) when powered using a Tableau TP2 power supply +12V @ 0.45A (max) when using a Tableau TP5 power supply
Output Voltage (DC OUT) +5VDC @ 0.9A (max)
Bridge Dimensions/ Weight 5.625 in. (L) x 3.25 in. (W) x 1.125 in. (H) 7.2oz (204g)

Tableau Forensic USB 3.0 Bridge TK8U SiForce Bundle with Rugged

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Drugs case live: 'Scared I might be framed', says NCB director
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