Adapter,,$20,Controller,PS4,/expanse591273.html,Program,ECHTPower,,Button,Video Games , PlayStation 4,Attachment,Back ECHTPower PS4 Back Ultra-Cheap Deals Button Adapter Attachment Controller Program $20 ECHTPower PS4 Back Button Attachment Controller Adapter, Program Video Games PlayStation 4 Adapter,,$20,Controller,PS4,/expanse591273.html,Program,ECHTPower,,Button,Video Games , PlayStation 4,Attachment,Back ECHTPower PS4 Back Ultra-Cheap Deals Button Adapter Attachment Controller Program $20 ECHTPower PS4 Back Button Attachment Controller Adapter, Program Video Games PlayStation 4

ECHTPower PS4 Back Ultra-Cheap Deals Button Adapter Attachment Price reduction Controller Program

ECHTPower PS4 Back Button Attachment Controller Adapter, Program


ECHTPower PS4 Back Button Attachment Controller Adapter, Program

Product Description

ECHTPower has been committed to the field of game accessories for many years!

The programmable back button can customize the configuration file, has 2 remapping buttons, and can support manual or automatic Turbo functions. The PS4 back button attachment is designed to provide more versatility and performance during the game. Two programmable back buttons are designed for comfort and precision, giving you an advantage in your favorite games. Therefore, no matter what game you play, you can always be ready in advance. Enjoy the joy of victory easily. The ultra-clear OLED display can provide clear information for operation and can save and select button presets to suit any game situation.


  1. 1) 2 ergonomic mapping buttons
  2. 2) 3 sets of mapping button settings
  3. 3) Support Turbo and automatic Turbo functions
  4. 4) OLED display, so you can set up the attachment quickly and easily.
  5. 5) More comfortable grip
  6. 6) Built-in 3.5mm headphone jack

Packing including:

  1. 1x PS4 controller back button
  2. 1x user manual

ECHTPower PS4 Back Button Attachment Controller Adapter, Program

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