$18 Nillkin Stylus Pen for ipad -3 Level Sensitivity Adjustment Capa Electronics Computers Accessories Nillkin Stylus Pen for ipad -3 Sensitivity Level Adjustment Max 80% OFF Capa $18 Nillkin Stylus Pen for ipad -3 Level Sensitivity Adjustment Capa Electronics Computers Accessories Nillkin Stylus Pen for ipad -3 Sensitivity Level Adjustment Max 80% OFF Capa Capa,Stylus,Sensitivity,for,Electronics , Computers Accessories,/duodenocholangitis591715.html,ipad,-3,$18,Level,Adjustment,Nillkin,Pen,winnipegtimemachine.com Capa,Stylus,Sensitivity,for,Electronics , Computers Accessories,/duodenocholangitis591715.html,ipad,-3,$18,Level,Adjustment,Nillkin,Pen,winnipegtimemachine.com

Nillkin Stylus Pen Manufacturer regenerated product for ipad -3 Sensitivity Level Adjustment Max 80% OFF Capa

Nillkin Stylus Pen for ipad -3 Level Sensitivity Adjustment Capa


Nillkin Stylus Pen for ipad -3 Level Sensitivity Adjustment Capa

Product Description


Nillkin 3 Level Sensitivity Adjustmen Stylus Pen for ipadamp;touch screens

Great Compatibilityamp; Applicability: It’s suitable for Android amp;iOS Devices.

Level L: Low sensitivity, suitable for device without protective film,Highly responsive,Virtually no lag.

Level M: Medium sensitivity,suitable for device with ordinary tempered glass.

Level H: High sensitivity, suitable for device with thicker tempered glass, such as privacy screen protector.

Universal Compatibility

Universal Compatibility - It is compatible with most touch screens devices.Works as Apple pen

Please turn off “Only Draw with Apple Pencil” on your iPad.

Make sure the stylus is enough battery power when using.

Nillkin Stylus Pen for ipad -3 Level Sensitivity Adjustment Capa


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