Diamond Initial Pendant M Fashionable in White Gold 14k $154 Diamond Initial Pendant M in 14k White Gold Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Diamond,14k,Pendant,Gold,/disintegratory601235.html,Initial,in,winnipegtimemachine.com,$154,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,White,M $154 Diamond Initial Pendant M in 14k White Gold Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Diamond,14k,Pendant,Gold,/disintegratory601235.html,Initial,in,winnipegtimemachine.com,$154,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,White,M Diamond Initial Pendant M Fashionable in White Gold 14k

Diamond Initial Pendant M Fashionable Outlet SALE in White Gold 14k

Diamond Initial Pendant M in 14k White Gold


Diamond Initial Pendant M in 14k White Gold

Product description

Diamonds as personalized as your name... These 14k initial pendants come in all letters, from A to Z and white or yellow 14k gold. The prong set diamond design can jazzy up any neckline with a personal touch of class.

Diamond Initial Pendant M in 14k White Gold

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