$24 Raw Organic Ivory Shea Butter 5LB Pail Clean Ready to Use Bulk S Beauty Personal Care Skin Care 5LB,Use,Ivory,Butter,Organic,/decoherence471277.html,winnipegtimemachine.com,Pail,Beauty Personal Care , Skin Care,Raw,Bulk,Clean,to,S,Ready,Shea,$24 Raw Organic Ivory Shea Butter 5LB Pail Ready Use to Clean S Bulk trend rank 5LB,Use,Ivory,Butter,Organic,/decoherence471277.html,winnipegtimemachine.com,Pail,Beauty Personal Care , Skin Care,Raw,Bulk,Clean,to,S,Ready,Shea,$24 $24 Raw Organic Ivory Shea Butter 5LB Pail Clean Ready to Use Bulk S Beauty Personal Care Skin Care Raw Organic Ivory Shea Butter 5LB Pail Ready Use to Clean S Bulk trend rank

service Raw Organic Ivory Shea Butter 5LB Pail Ready Use to Clean S Bulk trend rank

Raw Organic Ivory Shea Butter 5LB Pail Clean Ready to Use Bulk S


Raw Organic Ivory Shea Butter 5LB Pail Clean Ready to Use Bulk S

Product description

Size:5 Pound (Pack of 1)

Imported from Ghana Fairly Traded. Superior Quality Rich, Smooth, and Creamy. Ready to use! This 5LB Pail of Shea Buttered has been filtered to remove debris and dust that may have entered during production. It is clean and smoothed to perfection. The shea butter comes packaged in a wonderful reusable Pail that is great for preserving the freshness of the butter.

Raw Organic Ivory Shea Butter 5LB Pail Clean Ready to Use Bulk S

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