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BEIRIO Black Antique Vintage Farmhouse Industrial Metal 12 Light


BEIRIO Black Antique Vintage Farmhouse Industrial Metal 12 Light

Product Description

K01 banner
F01 H01 F04 H01-G F03 D02
BEIRIO 6-Lights K9 Crystal pendant Lighting BEIRIO 13-Lights chrome K9 Crystal Chandelier BEIRIO 4-Lights K9 Crystal pendant Lighting BEIRIO 13-Lights Golden K9 Crystal Chandelier BEIRIO 2-Lights K9 Crystal pendant Lighting BEIRIO 12-Lights K9 Crystal Chandelier
Number of Lights : 6 13 4 13 2 12
Bulb type : G9 E12 G9 E12 G9 E12
Bulbs Included : Not Not Not
Fixture Color : Black Chrome Black Golden Black Chrome

BEIRIO Black Antique Vintage Farmhouse Industrial Metal 12 Light

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    why crush my game (csgo) and it doesn t work..? someone can help me ?  

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