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Axis Trimmer (Axis Trimmer)


Axis Trimmer (Axis Trimmer)

Product description

No matter your facial hair style, every man needs a good trimmer. The Axis is designed for men who maintain shorter facial hair styles ranging from stubble to a tight beard with guards ranging up to 6mm. The narrow blade is ideal for reaching tighter areas and cutting straight lines while the .5mm cutting length produces a very tight stubble look. Never let your trimming get cut short by a low battery. The Axis has an integrated battery status display encircling the single button and 90 minutes of cutting time per charge. The Ceramic blade is 4 times harder than stainless steel, creates less friction and is extremely quiet. The Axis trimmer is gimmick free – you will not find any unnecessary features. One button, one function. If you are ready for a higher quality trimmer with a smooth and quiet blade and amazing battery life, check out the Brio Axis.

Axis Trimmer (Axis Trimmer)



Press Release: Ally Kerr to release first single from cinematic instrumental album “Soundtracks” on 23 October 2020

Shimmering, powerful, atmospheric electric guitars meet soaring emotional strings and pounding percussion in The Light Inside – an uplifting slice of cinematic instrumental music for fans of Sigur Rós from “sparkling tunesmith” (Metro) Ally Kerr.

Kerr’s music has amassed millions of streams globally and taken him on tours of Europe and Asia (most recently a second headlining tour in China in 2019) thanks to Netflix exposure and word of mouth.

Now the Scot now embarks on a new adventure – composing emotional, cinematic, orchestral music to compliment his singer songwriter output with the forthcoming release of album “Soundtracks” on 27 November 2020.

Soundtracks is a 10-track album of emotive and evocative cinematic instrumental music inspired by past masters such as Ennio Morricone and John Barry, modern greats like Max Richter and Ólafur Arnalds, as well as post-rock influences such as Sigur Rós.

Pre-save the album
Read Ally’s biography which includes more on Soundtracks.

New video for album track ‘Home’

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Home features on Ally’s latest album – Upgrade Me. Stream Upgrade Me on your favourite platform.

New video featuring Chinese tour footage

As Far As I Can See is taken from Ally’s latest album, Upgrade Me.

“Coming from the shadows, never thought I’d get so far”

I wanted to share with you a new promo video and a little bit of background to the song. There’s an old path that led from my parents’ house to primary school with a beautiful view across Glasgow to the hills. I used to stand there daydreaming as a little boy, thinking I was looking out at the whole world.  I moved back here a few years ago and this view really affected me and for the first time I looked back, took stock and I wrote this song. Heartfelt thanks to all those talented folks involved in bringing this song to life and to all those I met on the recent China tour. It was the best experience I’ve ever had with music and I hope to return next year. 🙂

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Ally is delighted to be returning to tour in China in May accompanied by violinist Caroline Evens. Please see below for links to purchase tickets. Follow Ally on Weibo here.

10 May 2019

11 May 2019


12 May 2019


15 May 2019


16 May 2109


17 May Shanghai
Cherrry for RCA Galileo Pro 11.5/RCA Delta Pro 11.6 Screen Prote

18 May Beijing
Valley Children Music Space

19 May Beijing