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Comfyable Slim Laptop Max 44% OFF Sleeve Compatible Pro MacBook for Inch 13 Large discharge sale

Comfyable Slim Laptop Sleeve Compatible for 13 Inch MacBook Pro


Comfyable Slim Laptop Sleeve Compatible for 13 Inch MacBook Pro

Product description

This COMFYABLE open side laptop sleeve is made of faux leather and felt only. It will protect your device in style no matter whether you are in workplace, college or coffee shop.

The laptop sleeve is 100% flat. You can use it as the bottom pad when using your computer.

Product description

This COMFYABLE open side laptop sleeve is made of faux leather and felt only. It will protect your device in style no matter whether you are in workplace, college or coffee shop.

The laptop sleeve is 100% flat. You can use it as the bottom pad when using your computer.

Comfyable Slim Laptop Sleeve Compatible for 13 Inch MacBook Pro


Shri Bhaskar Sarma, IAS

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