german kabirski 1.30 Carat Purple Amethyst free Handmade Barrel Ring $140 german kabirski 1.30 Carat Purple Amethyst Handmade Barrel Ring Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women $140 german kabirski 1.30 Carat Purple Amethyst Handmade Barrel Ring Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women german kabirski 1.30 Carat Purple Amethyst free Handmade Barrel Ring Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,/anathematically600878.html,Amethyst,Barrel,Carat,$140,,Ring,Handmade,1.30,kabirski,german,Purple Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,/anathematically600878.html,Amethyst,Barrel,Carat,$140,,Ring,Handmade,1.30,kabirski,german,Purple

german kabirski 1.30 Carat Purple Amethyst Philadelphia Mall free Handmade Barrel Ring

german kabirski 1.30 Carat Purple Amethyst Handmade Barrel Ring


german kabirski 1.30 Carat Purple Amethyst Handmade Barrel Ring


Product Description


Polished stones have no energy. Such stones go through a lot of artificial enrichment processes – heating, chemical processing, irradiation, etc. All of it is done to create shiny commercial product. In my opinion, it’s absolute stupidity, which kills the most precious aspect of the stone – it’s soul. I work with wild, virgin stones because I love their energy and the uniqueness in each piece. Their shapes were formed in the earth over millions of years. They are deeply rich and alive to me. I feel that their individuality, their flaws and textures are much more adorable than glamorous look of polished stones. I also prefer such women-accepting and emphasizing their natural beauty, instead of trying to be alike and the same, such as following cultural beauty and fashion standards.

I work very chaotically and intuitively. Kandinsky and Pollock inspire me with their approach. I never plan collections, as most jewelry companies do. My subconscious is expressed in my art. I trust my intuition much more than thinking logically. It works especially well with raw stones as I am inspired to invent by variety of their shapes, colors and forms. I have an impulse, an urge to create new jewelry every single day, and am a very prolific artist. Ho nesty in self-expression is very important to me, especially if it means going against demands and market trends.

german kabirski 1.30 Carat Purple Amethyst Handmade Barrel Ring

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